Trendz Stone Harbor

August has perhaps been a crazier month for me than July, and as you know, JA New York took place in July. I feel like a nomad. I have been living out of a suitcase for weeks, am currently on an island, and still have a couple more weeks of traveling to do before I get home to my pups in Denver.

Earlier this month I helped Chris sell his pins while he was tattooing at the Wildwood Tattoo Convention. If you didn't know, I am from the Philadelphia area and am quite familiar with the Jersey Shore. As is Chris - he actually grew up less than a half-hour away. The convention was interesting, but the best part of the trip, other than visiting with Chris' family, was stopping in Trendz - an amazing jewelry store in Stone Harbor - one town over from Wildwood.

Amy, the owner of Trendz, has an incredible eye and passion for jewelry. Her store is downtown, surrounded by places to purchase souvenir tee-shirts and salt water taffy - it's a bit tucked away from the main drag. Walking in feels like a sparkly escape from the hoards of vacationers. I spent about two hours with Amy, trying on and talking about it jewelry with her and her customers - her dalmatian was snoozing the entire time.

The collection of designers at Trendz is an elegant mix of high-end, gemstone and diamond jewelry. Truly some of the top designers in the world. Looking at her case, it's obvious that Amy shares my love for yellow gold. All of the pieces are merchandised by color, rather than designer - she's a master at layering, stacking and mixing.

Below are some of my favorites from Trendz, although, I ran out of time and am missing pictures of designs by Polly Wales, Jamie Joseph and Margery Hirschey to name a few. If you're ever down the shore, I highly recommend stopping by this treasure-filled shop. And after, go to Green Cuisine for lunch and then have ice cream at Springers.

New Designer Gallery at JA New York

In less than two weeks JA New York, and as you know, I curated the New Designer Gallery. Each of the amazing designers in the section have a strong vision, a unique aesthtic and an incredibly high-quality product. It's been so inspiring to see their new collections evolve - I am so very impressed and am looking forward to the show.  

I spent way too many hours choosing my three favorite designs every designer in the gallery - it was difficult, but below I made my picks. Make sure you explore their collections further and if you are able, stop by the JA New York show! 

Elisa Solomon

Quadrum Wish List

Finally after several years of friendship with the Managing Director, Sia, I was able to visit Quadrum Gallery in Boston. The store may be small, but the selection of jewelry is incredible. They have more than SIX cases of Gabriella Kiss, every Pat Flynn design I've ever wanted to see as well as Annette Ferdinandsen, Todd Reed, Margery Hirschey, Rosanne Pugliese, Todd Pownell, Jamie Joseph, Annie Fensterstock, Maria Beaulieu, Polly Wales AND MORE. Not only does the store contain all of those designers, but also some of the friendliest and most passionate jewelry lovers I have ever met. If you live in or are visiting Boston, make a point of stopping by. 

I will be sharing a ton of photos from the few hours I spent exploring the store on Instagram, but also have put together my wish list below - all of them are available on Quadrum's website!

Bill Cunningham, 1929-2016

Over the weekend Bill Cunningham, photographer for the New York Times and an icon in the fashion industry passed away at the age of 87. The news hit me hard. I don't know this man, but after seeing the 2011 documentary about him, I've been inspired by his story and his work. Bill Cunningham, the originator of street fashion photography, had an eye for the weird and interesting. In a world where dressing like everyone else is the norm and the focus tends to be on what celebrities are wearing, Bill brought attention to the unique - the people thinking (and dressing) outside the box. 

Bill reminds me a bit of myself - so passionate about clothing and fashion that his hobby was working. He worked up until the very end. And although he was surrounded by wealth and excess, he lived simply and stayed incredibly humble. What a treasure this man was! He will be missed, but will continue to be an inspiration. 

Rest in peace, Bill Cunningham.