Bill Cunningham, 1929-2016

Over the weekend Bill Cunningham, photographer for the New York Times and an icon in the fashion industry passed away at the age of 87. The news hit me hard. I don't know this man, but after seeing the 2011 documentary about him, I've been inspired by his story and his work. Bill Cunningham, the originator of street fashion photography, had an eye for the weird and interesting. In a world where dressing like everyone else is the norm and the focus tends to be on what celebrities are wearing, Bill brought attention to the unique - the people thinking (and dressing) outside the box. 

Bill reminds me a bit of myself - so passionate about clothing and fashion that his hobby was working. He worked up until the very end. And although he was surrounded by wealth and excess, he lived simply and stayed incredibly humble. What a treasure this man was! He will be missed, but will continue to be an inspiration. 

Rest in peace, Bill Cunningham. 

Love Adorned Wish List

Yesterday I was in New York City for a couple of meetings and, as I usually do, I made a point of stopping by Love Adorned. The store has an incredible collection of jewelry thoughtfully curated by the owner, Lori. As I was gazing at the unique, beautiful designs I made a mental wish list that I am sharing here. Also, I must note, this is the shortened version (even so, I still have two pieces by Fraser Hamilton on the list, I'm obsessed). I also decided to share my favorites pieces from their collection of vintage jewelry in a separate post.  If you are ever near one of their locations (NYC, Amagansett or Santa Monica), I highly recommend stopping by, or of course, you can shop their website

4x4 by Sophie Hughes

Sophie Hughes has a new, limited-edition collection that I love! It's called 4x4 and only 16 pieces of each design will be produced. The collection is inspired by "the crescent motif found in ancient art that continues to travel throughout time and across cultures." 

What I love most about Sophie's jewelry is that she handcrafts each piece in her Boston showroom using traditional metalsmithing techniques - vintage hammers, anvils and torches. Having seen many of these techniques in action while I worked at Todd Reed, I am always enchanted and impressed by the process. Sophie is one talented lady!

My favorite designs from the collection are below, see more on her website


Trends at Couture 2016

WOW, last week was insane and amazing and I'm tired but so excited to tell you about so many amazing designers. This summary of the trends I noticed at the COUTURE show has taken me hours to write because I saw so much incredible jewelry. In the next few weeks I will be sharing designers I met at the show that must be on your radar! 


Enameling is an art that has been around for centuries, but it's still popular. Many designers are using enamel in a very innovative way.

Y Necklaces

Some of these could also be considered bolo ties - either way, I like this trend. 

Alternative Hoops

Hoops are a staple in any jewelry collection, now you have some very unique options. 

Rings to Stack

Ring stacks are in and have been in, but now designers are thinking about rings that fit together in unique ways to take your stacking game to the next level. 


Or in the case of the above earrings, 7-in-1. Fine jewelry is a big investment, so designs that can be converted or worn several ways adds value. I'm excited by these thoughtful designs. 

Art Deco

Design elements from the 1920s were used in many collections, but in a very interesting and modern way. I love how designs are being inspired by the Art Deco era. 

Antique Engagement Rings

I've been thinking about engagement rings recently and am not sure where the traditional white diamond center stone ring came from. So, I did some research. The Renaissance era is when people started using diamond rings as engagement rings. Diamonds were considered a sign of wealth and went in and out of style until 1938 when DeBeers launched a marketing campaign to educate consumers about the "four Cs." Then in 1947, the slogan "a diamond is forever" was launched. The rest is history. Now, white diamond engagement rings are a major part of our culture. While I love diamonds, I crave deeper meaning. Here are some cool antique options with beautiful symbolism. 

Forget Me Nots: True love, a connection that lasts through time, a reminder of fond memories and the growing affection between two people. 

Love Knot: A few styles of knot are considered a love knot. My favorite is the "true love knot" (example in top left below) which was a popular ring style for sailers separated from their wife or girlfriend. It's made from two overhand knots that interlock - they are flexible to move a bit but are also inseparable.  

Snakes: Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with an emerald snake ring, but hundreds of years earlier, snakes were embraced as a symbol of eternal love.  

Gimmel Ring: These type of rings date back to the fifteen hundreds. The hands open, usually to reveal a hear.  It symbolizes the bonding of two lives together till death do they part.